How far will these women go?

April 1, 2008

Today I was briefly watching this show called “The Secret Lives of Women: Plastic Surgery.  I know that many people do it, and I know that there is nothing wrong with it, but I was a little shocked by some of the things that these women were saying.  One woman says that plastic surgery was a way of life and that everyone should get it.  Obviously, this is one person’s opinion, but honestly how far will women go in order to change their bodies completely.  Another woman was Asian and she had talked about how she was going to get eye surgery in order to make her eyes look bigger, and I’m guessing to reconstruct her eyelids.  Maybe I am a little old fashioned but I had never really thought about plastic surgery in terms of reconstructing your eyes.  It just seems so extreme to me.  The lady had admitted to wanting to alter her eyes to look more “westernized”, however, I could not believe that someone would want to alter their eyes!  I guess I just am a little shocked.  Of course I am a little more familiar with the typical breast implants, and lipo, which is to each their own, but as far as reconstructing your eyes so that you will look more like an American woman is just ridiculous.  Furthermore, though I did not get to see the end result of the program, I am sure that it did not look quite right.  My question is: why will women go this far to look like a completely different person?  I know this question has many answers and they can not be right or wrong ,however, I just wanted to know others thoughts on the matter.


Something that I wanted to mention

March 21, 2008

Something that I wanted to bring up about White Teeth was on page 229 where Irie is going into the salon and the narrator says that P.K.’s (the salon) was divided up into two sections; a male side and a female side.  “The male side was all laughter, all talk, all play; there was an easiness that sprang from no male haircut ever costing over six pounds or taking more than fiftheen minutes.” (229)  This quote intrigued me because it just goes to show the difference in how these women felt in this salon.  Irie describes the women’s side as a deadly thing.  I have been told that getting extensions or a weave is actually painful, and I just thought it was interesting that the men’s side is so laid back because they do not have to worry as much as women about their outward appearance (according to the novel).  Irie wants so bad to fit in, and get this new hair, that she will do anything including be someone she is not to be “beautiful”.  Did this stand out to anyone or was it just me?

The search for the Afghan girl

February 21, 2008

In reguards to the movie that we watched on Tuesday about the Afghan girl, I am not sure if I was missing something or what, but I was just not sure why the photographer happen to choose this one girl.  Did he just choose this girl at random so that he could use her for the cover of National Geographic.  I know to many of you this may seem like an extremely stupid question, and I may have just missed the memo completely, but I would really like to know the reasoning behind the one chosen Afghan girl.  I feel like maybe her eyes played a key role in the majority of the show, but not only to technically figure out which woman was the Afghan girl, but also in the choosing of the Afghan girl.  The eyes may have meant something symbolic, but I can not help but wonder if her eyes, being so beautiful and different, played a key factor in why she was photographed in the first place? I am not sure, and I may be way off, but maybe someone could help me, or are there any thoughts on this?

Maggie Beltz